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  • ProductMaterial:Thisproductismadeofblendedcotton,softandelastic,warmandcomfortable,canbeusedforalongtime.

  • Flat-LaidSize:30x8cm.

  • ProductFeatures:Theconciseandclassicstylemakesitmoredifficulttobeoutdated.Itcanmatchallkindsofclotheswellandkeepyourarmswarm.

  • WideRangeofUses:Verysuitableformatchingsleevedjackets,short-sleevedsweaters,sleevelesssweaters,boots,etc.

  • Package:1pairforeachorder.

  • Product description

    Material: Blended Cotton.
    Color: Black.  
    Flat-Laid Size: 30 x 8cm.  
    Package: 1 pair for each order.

    Product Material:This product is made of blended cotton, soft and elastic, warm and comfortable, can be used for a long time.
    Product Features: The concise and classic style makes it more difficult to be outdated. It can match all kinds of clothes well and keep your arms warm.
    Wide Range of Uses: Very suitable for matching sleeved jackets, short-sleeved sweaters, sleeveless sweaters, boots, etc.

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