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  • Material:Cotton.Color:Black,Aspictureasshow.Size:20*5cm,Onesizesuitableformostpeople.

  • Stretchheadbandsaremadeofcottonmaterial,softandcomfortabletowear,flexible,lightweightandbreathable,fitandsnugtoyourhead,fitalmosteveryone,verypractical.

  • Thecottonfabricwillensuretoabsorbsweatandwillhelpyoulookstylish.Provideexcellentperformanceforabsorbency,wicking,durabilityandabrasionresistance.

  • Suitableformostkindsofsportsactivitiessuchasrunning,yoga,football,baseball,basketball,tennisandotherteamsports,canstaystableandabsorbsweat.

  • Youcanalsousethemforholdingyourhairwhenyouarewashingyourfaceordoingmakeup.Toavoidyourhairblockingthelineofsight;letyourhairmoretidy,lovelyandfashion.

  • Product Description:
    Material: Cotton.
    Color: Dark Blue, As picture as show.
    Size: 20*5cm, One size suitable for most people.

    Stretch headbands are made of cotton material, soft and comfortable to wear, flexible, lightweight and breathable, fit and snug to your head, fit almost every one, very practical.
    The cotton fabric will ensure to absorb sweat and will help you look stylish. Provide excellent performance for absorbency, wicking, durability and abrasion resistance.
    Suitable for most kinds of sports activities such as running, yoga, football, baseball, basketball, tennis and other team sports, can stay stable and absorb sweat.
    You can also use them for holding your hair when you are washing your face or doing makeup.To avoid your hair blocking the line of sight; let your hair more tidy ,lovely and fashion.

    Vikenner 2 Pcs Women Stretch Elastic Yoga Headbands Cotton Gym Sport Hairband Moisture Wicking Sweatband for Teens and Adults Dark Blue