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  • "OMG...TheyDon'tSlip!"–SweatyBandsheadbandsarevelvet-linedfortheultimatenon-slipgrip–withoutpullingyourhairorcausingheadaches.

  • Stretchyelastictofitavarietyofheadshapesforoptimalcomfort.

  • SweatyBandsaretheperfecthairaccessoryforyourhealthy,activelifestyle.Thesweatwickingfabrickeepssweatoutofyoureyes.Fromyourmorningworkout,toafternoonerrands,toanightonthetown,thesewillcomplementanyoutfitforanyactivity.Youwillforgetyouhaveiton!

  • Oneofakinddesigns–UniquepatternsdesignedinCincinnati,OH.Theycomein100sofstylestokeepyoulookingstylishinanysetting.

  • EasyCare-Werecommendhandwash,dripdryforbestresults.Donotputtheminthedryer!

  • Sweaty Bands are the perfect accessory to keep you looking and feeling good while staying active. Not only are Sweaty Bands designed to stay put on your head during the most strenuous and sweaty circumstances, they also come in 100s of styles to keep you looking fashionable all day long. The non-slip velvet lining keeps the headband snug against the hairline. A little bit of elastic in the back gives it a bit of stretch allowing it to fit multiple head shapes and sizes, including smaller heads. From your morning workout, to afternoon errands, to a late night cocktail, the perfect Sweaty Band will complement any outfit for any activity.

    Sweaty Bands Womens Girls Headband Non-Slip Velvet-Lined Sports Hairband Matrix Purple