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  • SNAPFASTENERSKITTOOL:Thehollowpointedsnapbuckleismadeofhigh-qualitymaterialsandwillnotrust.

  • 200PCS9.5MMBUTTONTOOL:2009.5mmhollowbucklesareshippedwith200pearlclaws,200pearlclawmalebuckles,and200pearlclawfemalebuckles,whichareeconomicalandpractical.

  • ROMPERSNAPSCRAFTPLIERSTOOL:ThehollowsnaptoolkitissuitableforhomeDIY,factoryproofing,clothingstoremaintenance,etc.

  • HOLLOWPRONGBUCKLE:Thesnapbuttonofthejumpsuitislightinweight,smallinsizeandeasytocarry.

  • COPPERSNAPFASTENERSTOOLKIT:Thehollowclawbuttonsarebrightanddelicateincolorandexquisiteworkmanship.

  • Features:
    The product is made of high quality material, which will not rust.
    The deliver contains 200 pearl prong snap,200 pearl prong male snap,200  pearl prong female snap,economical and practical.
    These product is suitable for home DIY, factory proofing, clothing store repair, etc.
    The snap are in bright and delicate color, and the workmanship is exquisite.
    The product is lightweight and in small volume,easy to carry,convenient.


    Package List:
    200*Pearl Prong Snap
    200*Pearl Prong Male Buckle
    200*Pearl Prong Female Buckle

    Prong Plier Ring Popper Fastener Pearl Prong Female Buckle Pearl Prong Male Buckle Pearl Prong Snap for Factory Proofing for Clothing Store Repair