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  • PL38403

  • HighQualityHandkerchiefs,PresentedInAModernGiftBox

  • MadeFromPureCotton,IdealGiftForLovedOnes

  • Our range of men’s & women’s handkerchiefs offer a wide variety of designs from, floral, embroidered, satin borders & printed with a variety of colours to play around with. Made from 100% pure cotton with quality in mind, they are simple yet sleek accessory that brings a traditional accessory a bit of elegance.

    Product Features:

    - White Handkerchiefs With Butterfly Lace Corners
    - Size: 29 x 29cms
    - High Quality Handkerchiefs, Presented In A Modern Gift Box
    - Made From Pure Cotton, Ideal Gift For Loved Ones

    Pack Of 3 Womens Ladies White Handkerchiefs With Butterfly Lace Corners 100% Cotton 29 x 29cm