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  • Metal:ZincAlloy

  • Measure51/2inchesacross,andis4inchestall

  • Shape:Rectangular,Use:Belts,size:3.9x2.7inches,ShippingWeight:4.5ounces

  • Oneofourlargestbeltbuckles

  • Suitableforalotofdailywear.GiftforMan,Woman,Boyandsoon.

  • HUANGSHI is professional do bolotie belt buckle and some fashion accessories in Chinese manufacture . You can worn this fashion bootlace ties on official business activities or a causual dating. It will be handsome when worn snug or loose with collared dress shirts, turtle necks or even with pull-over type sweaters. Suitable for unisex Bolo Tie is an American-style chain pendant that can be worn like a tie with a shirt and suit. It can be worn in formal or casual style. The style is casual and quite elegant. It is suitable for men and women in the international fashion world. More and more popular. 1. Official business, after business activities or after work, socializing in bars and restaurants: Usually, the suits that are usually worn on the occasions go to appointments, but it seems that they are still busy with work; it is too late to change their suits; Not wearing a tie may not be appropriate in some particular situations. At this time, changing your tie to a Polo tie may be your best choice. 2. Formal but not so cautious cocktail receptions, weddings, etc.: Compared with bow ties and ties, the combination and dress shirts adds a relaxed and joyful atmosphere. 3. As a casual wear accessories: choose a casual shirt of your own, with jeans or casual pants, with leather shoes; looks both casual and elegant.

    metal belt buckle Rectangular shape flower side Gold letter A-Z belt buckle