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  • Moredurable,absorbentandhypoallergenic.Betterforyournose,betterfortheplanet!

  • Wonderfullycraftedfrommeticulouslyselected100%organiccotton,whichmakesthemnaturallysoft,moisture-wicking,hypoallergenic,andantibacterial.Nottoothick,nottoothin.Cottonistheperfecthandkerchiefmaterial.

  • 100%Cotton

  • Machinewashable

  • TTD006BOO011

  • Machinewashableandgetsofterwitheachwash.Thefirsttimeyouwashthem,theywillshrinkabit,butonlyonthefirstwash.Easytocare!

  • 3AssortedColor,2ofeach(12‘’x12'').FashionpatternedhandkerchiefssetwithembroideredflowerandabutterflylaceattheCorner.Greatgift.

  • Beautiful,fashionpatternedhankies.Vintagelook,stylishenoughfordailyuseorspecialoccasions.

  • - This set are fashion patterned handkerchiefs set with embroidered assorted flower and a butterfly lace at the corner.
    - This set are elegant, dainty, graceful and special designed for ladies.
    - They are not only better for your nose but also environment friendly for the planet! These will quickly become your favorites!
    - These 100% cotton handkerchiefs are of premium quality, more durable, absorbent and hypoallergenic. The size is 12 inches x 12 inches, it fit any occasion you are attending.
    - Every Handkerchief are selected elaborately. We pay full attention to any detail during the process from raw material picking to finished handkerchief
    - Buy an extra pack for yourself, or as a perfect gift for any gentleman (or lady), dad, grandpa, family member or friend, you won't regret it!

    Ladies Women's Cotton Handkerchief Flower Embroidered with Lace 6 Pack