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  • 100%CottonBraidedtasselsbelt

  • Chinesebraidedstyle

  • Chiffon

  • Size:length160cm*width0.7cm/tassellength:10cm

  • Dailylife/Party;Bestchoiceasagifttoyourfriendsoryourself;

  • StringDesign:Withthisextremelyslendercinchbelt,youwilllookslimandwon'tfeelaburdenonyourwaist.

  • 100% Cotton Braided tassels belt
    Chinese braided style
    Daily life/ Party; Best choice as a gift to your friends or yourself;
    String Design:With this extremely slender cinch belt, you will look slim and won't feel a burden on your waist.
    Soft Cotton :This belt is braided by nice cotton fabric with fine metal decor, soft, smooth and neat.

    J Shop Woven Tassel Belt Knot Decorated Waist Chain Waist Rope for Woman and Girl