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  • Occasion:suitableforcoldperiodsandanydailyoccasion

  • Material:verysoftandfluffy

  • Handwashincoldwatermax30degrees

  • Perfectgiftforgirlfriendfriendwifesistercousin

  • Season:AutumnorWinter

  • Idealgiftforwomenandgirls

  • Cuffs - Faux Fur Collars - Wrists - Pack - Knitted and Coat Sleeves - Original Gift Idea

    Our brand Inception Pro Infinite guarantees the quality and originality of this product. All Inception Pro Infinite products are not and do not want to be imitation, copy, or replica of other products designs or brands.

    Inception Pro Infinite Cuffs Faux Fur Necks Wrists Pack Knit and Coat Sleeves Original Gift Idea