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  • Superlightvisorat59g

  • BambooCharcoalTechnology

  • unknown

  • Wicking,breathableandanti-microbialfabric

  • Terrytowlingstretchbandforextracomfort

  • Darkundersideonpeakreduceslightreflection

  • Highbrowtoprotecttheforehead

  • Reflectivepipingonthepeak

  • An ultra light-weight visor – one of the lightest on the market – this product is ideal for endurance sports where athletes need to protect the eyes from the sun and keep the sweat off the face.

    The high brow adds extra sun protection to the forehead and the longer peak with dark underside protects the eyes from the sun’s glare.

    The super soft terry towling stretch band helps create the perfect fit without restriction. This product includes reflective piping which helps make the athlete more visible, particularly useful for night time or winter training.

    Crewroom Air Head Microlight Ultralight Visor