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  • CliponyourGlasses-TheClip-OnSunglassesareamodern,cool,stylishdesignandcanbewornbyanyone.

  • Polarizedlensreducesglareandreflections,greatfordriving,andanyoutdooractivities.SuitableforCycling,driving,running,fishing,racing,skiing,climbing,trekkinghikingandotheroutdooractivities.

  • UltralightweightandhighlyscratchresistantlensoffersmaximumprotectionfromharmfulSunUVRays!

  • PolarizedClip-OnSunglassesareultra-lightweightandcanbeworncomfortablyforhours.Perfectforwearingforextendedperiodsoftime.Youwillhardlynoticethemonyourface.

  • Softsilicone,noteasytofalloff,non-slip,firm,scratchresistant.

  • DAUCO Provides Sunglasses for the Best Quality.
    DAUCO clip-on polarized sunglasses can reduceglare and filter out the UV rays.
    Improving visual clarity and giving you a more natural vision.
    Enhance contrast and reduce eye strain, a comfortable wearing experience.
    DAUCO clip-on polarized sunglasses is designed for those wearing glasses.
    rubber covers, preventing the scratches from your glasses.
    Clips on ANY pair of glasses into sunglasses
    Transforms regular glasses into sunglasses
    Easy to clip on to any regular glasses
    Lightweight and scratch resistant.
    ONE SIZE fits all glass Frame Thickness <5mm.
    Package Includes: 1 X glasses ?1 X Glasses Bag.

    Clip on Sunglasse Polarized Flip up Sunglasses for Eyeglasses,Anti-glare,UV Protection for Glasses Outdoor,Driving,Fishing