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  • Warmandwindproof:thesebandlessearwarmersaremadeofwoollining;Therearetwolayersofmaterialsbetweenthewoolliningandtheshelltohelpblockwindthroughtheearwarmer,nopeculiarsmell

  • Keepyourhairtidy:bandlessdesignhelpstostopmessingupyourhair,warmandlookstylish,especiallyforpeoplewithlonghair,earmuffsarewellhiddenbehindthehairandhardtonotice

  • woollining

  • Classic

  • Portabledesignsandwideusages:thesebandlessearmuffsarelightweight,fitformostoutdooractivitiessuchashiking,running,cycling,skiing,travelingandsoon,evengoodforwearingwithglasses,helmetsandhats,etc.

  • Propersize:eachbandlessearcoverfitsyourearcomfortablyandstayonsecurely,themediumandlargesizecanfitmostadultswell,thesmallsizecanfitchildrenwell;Pleasefollowthesizechartandgetanaccuratesizeofyourear;Pleaseconfirmthesizebeforepurchase

  • Internationalproductshaveseparateterms,aresoldfromabroadandmaydifferfromlocalproducts,includingfit,ageratings,andlanguageofproduct,labelingorinstructions.

  • Bandless design:
    These ear warmers can be snapped on your ear securely without making your hair mess.

    Windproof ear muffs:
    These earmuffs can keep your ear warm in winter, the classic color design goes well with your outfits easily and makes you look stylish

    Wide usages:
    These bandless earmuffs are suitable for men, women and especially outdoor worker, good for most outdoor activities, for example, hiking, running, cycling, skiing and so on.
    Good gifts to families and friends to keep warm in winter.

    Color: black, dark brown
    Size chart:
    Size------------ Whole length----------------Hole length--------------------Suitable ear length
    Small----------7.5 cm/ 3.0 inch-----------4.5 cm/ 1.8 inch-------------5.5 to 6 cm/ 2.2 to 2.4 inch
    Medium-------8.3 cm/ 3.3 inch-----------5 cm/ 2 inch------------------6 to 7 cm/ 2.4 to 2.8 inch
    Large----------9.3 cm/ 3.7 inch-----------6.3 cm/ 2.5 inch-------------7 to 8 cm/ 2.8 to 3.1 inch

    Package contents:
    2 Pairs of earmuffs

    Warm tips
    Please confirm whether the size is appropriate before purchase.
    Long-term wearing may cause ear pain. Put down the ear covers properly and let the ear get rest.

    2 Pairs of Bandless Ear Warmers Earmuffs Warm Ear Covers for Men Women